PalmEco WIP (Insulated Wall Panel)

insulated wall panel or wall insulated panel


Palmeco Wall Insulated Panel (W.I.P) System is a sandwich-type insulated wall panel system that consists of construction-grade EPS (extruded polystyrene) and standard Palmeco boards on both sides that promotes fire resistance, and sound and heat insulations. The W.I.P. System is ideal as interior and exterior walls and for efficient installation of electrical and plumbing pipes.

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insulated wall panels are energy efficient

Energy – Efficient

The Palmeco Wall Insulated Panel (W.I.P.) System is engineered to keep cooler air within the structure and prevent warmer air from entering. This may therefore result in a significant reduction of electrical consumption.

insulated wall panels are quick to assemble

Quick Assembly Time

The pre-fabricated Wall Insulated Panel (W.I.P.) system can be installed 10x faster than traditional building systems. Construction of one 25 square meter housing unit takes only five (5) days or less to complete.

insulated wall panels are cost effective

Cost – Effective

Electrical and plumbing conduits can be introduced during the pre-fabrication of the WIP Panels. This allows for faster build, thus reducing labor cost and eliminating the chances of unwanted project delays or onsite wastage.

insulated wall panels is green technology

Green Product

The Palmeco boards used as panels for the W.I.P system are made from recycled palm fibers and other eco-friendly minerals as a binding agents. Moreover, the boards are manufactured by an environmentally safe process that consumes little energy and releases close to zero carbon emission.

wall panels is health and safety

Healthy and Safe

The Palmeco boards used in the Wall Insulated Panel (W.I.P.) system are scientifically tested to be safe, as it is non-toxic and promotes a healthy indoor air quality.

insulated wall panels is water-resistant

Weather – Resistant

Structures made with the Palmeco Wall Insulated Panel (W.I.P.) system were typhoon-tested when Tropical Cyclone Hato made landfall in Hong Kong and China. The Wall Insulated Panel (W.I.P.) system withstood this Category 3 typhoon that had a sustained wind speed of 270 kph.